There is no doubt that in today’s world just having a degree doesn’t guarantee success, or even a job for that matter. For students, building your network of contacts has never been more important as a distinct factor in getting a new job or even starting your own business. Building your professional network has never been easy balancing course work, a job and a social life. On the flip side, for schools, communicating with different segments of the student body, staff, employers and even recruiting new students has never been an easy task. Overall, it has been difficult to build efficiencies around the community that makes up a school.

Well, today I am very proud to announce that now it is possible for the entire community around a school to achieve their goals with incredible efficiency.

Today I am proud to announce the official launch of Planet GRAD 2.0! The official online community platform for schools, staff, administrators, students, alumni and employers to connect for the purpose of helping each member of the community succeed.

Our vision for Planet GRAD is to…

  • Help students land a job in a desired career
  • Help schools communicate much more efficiently with the entire student body along with the different segments of people around the school (e.g. employers, alumni, staff, etc.)
  • Help schools build a positive school culture
  • Help schools recruit more students through the value of the Planet GRAD online community
  • Make employers a true part of the school community
  • Open the lines of communication with employers beyond job listings and resumes
  • Give Career Services full visibility of student-to-employer and employer-to student-communication to improve career placement tracking
  • Create a place for alumni to stay connected with the school after graduation

Planet GRAD 2.0 supports this vision through…

  • A solution oriented approach with every school. Every school will receive a custom plan that will detail everything from how to best utilize the Planet GRAD system to having our team directly help support it.
  • New features that encourage participation from all levels: Groups, events, activity-based feed (similar to familiar social networks), resume posting and review from employers, job portal, news section, video integration (for administrators and staff), social collaboration, better email and mobile notifications (encouraging more engagement through real-time communication) and much more.
  • A clean and user-friendly design making it easy for everyone in the community to participate
  • A mobile friendly interface to support the ever-growing usage of mobile devices

You can take a moment to view some of the new features by visiting our features page.

The best way to find out how Planet GRAD will work for your school is to schedule a demo.

Planet GRAD 2.0 will change the landscape for how schools communicate going into 2014 and beyond. We live in a society where content is no longer kind. Community is king. Those that harness their community will gain the time, attention and energy from the people that can help them succeed. Our mission is to make that happen.

A quick background of Planet GRAD

Planet GRAD is a product of 2 companies coming together with an idea. An idea to bring the power of community to the educational system to help everyone in it succeed. Phase 2 Solutions, LLC – a company devoted to helping brands connect with their community, built the system. Training Masters, Inc. – a company focused on improve the way schools operate, helped to bring the system to market.

The leaders in both organizations, Dr. Rita Girondi (former school owner) and Jason Verdelli (digital community authority), bring together unprecedented experience and vision which has shaped the Planet GRAD solution into what it is today.


Learn how Planet GRAD can help your campus grow

Schedule a demo to learn more on how Planet GRAD can help connect everyone in and around your school to help improve everything from student job placement to alumni involvement.

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